Frequently Asked Questions
Medical Records and Confidentiality
  All your medical records are confidential.  We will release the records or any part of them only if you give us written authorization.  No matter what the circumstances, we will not release your records unless we have notification that you wish us to do so.  Medical records are legally the property of our office.  However, we are happy to make photocopies of your record for a fee.  Please provide us with at least 10 (ten) business days advance notice of how you would like  your records delivered.  Repeat copies of medical records needed by insurance carriers or attorneys should be requested in writing by the carrier or attorney.  There will be a charge for this information, and we will make every effort to respond promptly to these request.  Please fax your request to: 703.527.1169 or mail to:  1715 N. George Mason Dr., Ste. 302, Arlington, VA 22205.